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Program Descriptions

Whispering Hills is a specialized learning community, created specifically to foster asset development by embracing the unique needs of youth with Emotional Disturbance, Autism or PDD.  Our program begins with a very low youth to teacher ratio in the school, and carries over to a highly specialized living environment where your youth's needs are met 24 hours a day by highly trained, motivated staff members.

Our treatment program features three phases, data-driven decision making and is researched-based.  It is grounded in the theories and practices of:

Applied Behavior Analysis, Verbal Behavior Development, Cognitive Behavior Development, Motivation/Response Cost Identification, Sensory Diet Planning/Movement for Optimal Alertness and Cognitive Organization.

Our teaching strategies are based on the system of ABA/VB, and are carried over into the residential teaching homes (applied behavioral analysis/verbal behavior).  This field has a researched based track record of providing a very high success rate in helping youth confronting Autism or PDD gain communication skills, general knowledge and readiness skills as well as socially acceptable behaviors.  Learning takes place in a structured environment, where multiple trials are presented and reinforced using an errorless learning system.  Acquisition of language across all operant's and fundamental learning skills are at the heart of the teaching program.  These skills are taught in the classroom, and practiced in the small living groups of the homes.

Environment of Care

We are a community of learners centered on developmental appropriate educational and therapeutic programming.  Our culture is built on the relationship principle which states that once connected with each other and the world around us, we will thrive.  The foundation for our way of being is a focus on deliberately creating opportunities to build within each of our youth: Support, Empowerment, Positive Values, Positive Identity, Constructive Use of Time, Commitment to Learning Boundaries and Expectations, and Social Competencies.

We specialize in addressing the unique abilities and needs of Autistic/PDD youth using the practice of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) coupled with the Development of Verbal Behavior (VB).  We plan, do and evaluate our strategies and activities with each individual youth daily to assure that we are meeting our short term benchmarks and making progress towards long term goal acquisition.  We provided a low youth to staff ratio, carry over of classroom practices in to teaching homes, and an overall milieu and reintegration plan conducive to restoring family hope for a brighter future.

The Educational Program

Whispering Hills has a unique on-site facility which provides educational services to our residential youth and non-public day school youth year round.  Our school is staffed with certified and trained special education teachers, general education teachers, support and direct care staff.  Our school design features both structured and unstructured space in order to accommodate the varying types of client educational and behavioral needs.

All efforts are directed toward continued research into best practices in the instruction of youth with varying learning disabilities as well as neurological and developmental areas of concern.  Instruction always matches assessment which is conducted on a daily basis and documented in youth portfolios.  Highlighted teaching strategies include:

  • establishing instructional control;
  • using errorless teaching to achieve a correct response; and,
  • using the discrete trial method of instruction for specific skill development.

Additionally, modifications which support individualized educational programming and assure a sensory diet are implemented.  Related services necessary for a youth to experience educational success are also provided.

Youth at Whispering Hills also receive instruction in life skills and vocational awareness activities.  Fine arts opportunities, recreational activities, gardening and instruction in the care of and responsibility for multiple types of farm animals (when appropriate) are part of each youth's program.

Whispering Hills Achievement Center
4110 FM 609 - Flatonia, Texas 78941
(361) 865-3083

What I like best about the program is it builds relationships with the family and addresses the whole family/child."
~ Parent of a residential client

RTC Bedroom

School & Outdoor Play Area
Covered Patio & Play Area
Resident Shooting Baskets with Occupational Therapist
The two Residential Homes are walking distance to our School
Gross Motor play area by Residential Homes

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